Rhogmor Ramshield

Patron of the Ramshield clan. War cleric that is now a was-cleric. Drowned in air in a city surrounded by water.


“My forge grows dark.” – An aspect of Rhogmor Ramshield to Histoxigrolth Goraknid, upon the latter’s questioning of the former’s spirit

Rhogmor Ramshield (bNe. ??? – Lorntumber bNe. 462) was a Mulladari War Cleric of Ahn’Ghor, and an ally of the party.

A mountain dwarf like many living on Norgrumm, Ramshield was the leader of the dwarven colony at Rhunegard, the head of the Ramshield Clan, and the most prominent clergyman of Ahn’Ghor on the isle. Ramshield was a focal figure in the Aboleth Arc, begrudgingly seeking assistance from the party for assistance against Rendtide’s forces.


Ramshield was, in many a sense, a rather imposing dwarf. At above average height and with plentiful brawn, Ramshield was as much a warrior as he was a cleric. His body was constantly bedecked in a layer of soot from time spent in the Crucible, the black dust present on his grey scale mail and his calloused skin. His face was ringed by long dark hair and an equally dark beard fashioned into thick braids secured by iron ringlets. A set of piercing blue eyes matched the hue of his tattoos, the square-shaped marks dotted about his face. Often revealed through sneers and grins, his teeth were misshapen and rotten.


Like many dwarves of his ilk, Ramshield was a stubborn man, his pride punctuated by a veneer of arrogance. Initially he was loathe to ask the party of strangers for help, but in them he saw powerful allies as capable as any dwarf, and came to trust them as he did his own. A determined, pious, and confident man, Ramshield was guilty of overestimating his own abilities in several regards, and as a result having to resort to relying on the help of Nihmport, the Brassei, and the party. This proved to be dangerous when combined with his loyalty for his allies, as it lead to his self-imposed blindness which proved as a catalyst to his murder. After it was revealed that the party has freed his people from the curse of the abberation, he was crestfallen that he did not receive the honour of doing it himself – this diminishing faith, coupled with Ahn’Ghor’s clear omen of disapproval at the fact, served to send Ramshield into a constant state of despair in his final days. However, shortly before his death, the counselling of his close friend Akira von Hound seemed to instil a modicum of faith in him once more before his life was cruelly snuffed out.

Early Life

Not much is known of Ramshield’s early life, aside from the fact that he hailed from Mulladar and, like many of the Ramshields, found faith in Ahn’Ghor, dwarven deity of war.


Rhogmor Ramshield

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