Kreyr "Slazarix" von Rosenfeld

Plague Doctor, ̶H̶u̶m̶a̶n̶ Dragonborn. Walking scab. The doctor is in. Poison gas: don't breath it in. Enjoys leather.



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Class & Level: Plague Doctor 6
Subclass: Malpractitioner

Race: Dragonborn
Subrace: Red

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Background: Hermit

Hit Points: 41
Armour Class: 17
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30ft
Difficulty Class: 14

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons; hand crossbows; rapiers; whips
Armour Proficiencies: Light armour; medium armour
Skill Proficiencies: Deception; Insight; Intimidation; Medicine; Nature; Perception; Persuasion; Sleight of Hand
Tool Proficiencies: Poisoner’s Kit; Herbalism Kit; Healer’s Kit
Languages: Common; Draconic; Pelenestran

Weapons: Cane Lancet (Rapier); Pelenestran Screwstaff (Quarterstaff/Spear); Bladed Whip (Whip); Hand Crossbow; Darts x5; Doctor’s Bag (Poisoning Focus)
Armour: Half-Plate
Magic Items: Ring of Maerwen; Palaver’s Mantle


“To be honest, the simple truth is that you disgust me.”
“I disgust everyone.” – Kreyr von Rosenfeld to Deryn Mallorn, upon being uncovered as the architect of Rhogmor Ramshield’s murder

Slazarix (30 Nauré bNe. 431 – approx. 25 Lorntumber bNe. 462), more widely known as his alias Kreyr von Rosenfeld, was a Pelenestran Plague Doctor and party member.

A dragonborn of red lineage, von Rosenfeld is most well-known for establishing the Order of the Driven Nail (Pelenestran: Orden des eingeschlagenes Nagels). Accompanied by Gendrick Groundcleaver, von Rosenfeld first encountered the rest of the party aboard Muradin’s Dagger, accompanying them through the Aboleth Arc, the Snake Cult Arc, and the Rhogmor’s Assassination Arc.


Von Rosenfeld was a looming, slim figure, standing at 6’9" and weighing 235lb. He was always seen in his signature Surgeon General uniform – bedecked head to toe in black, waxed leather clothing. Most prominently, his face was almost constantly obscured behind the long, beaked mask that he wore to protect against his weaponised poisons. Later on, upon commission from Amsden Tullier, von Rosenfeld sported a set of half-plate armour on top of his leather garbs. Underneath the clothes, von Rosenfeld appeared to be much older than he truly was – a consequence of the wasting disease he contracted. Where his scales were once a dark grey they became mottled and pale, covering a frail frame uncharacteristic of normally muscular dragonborn. Perhaps von Rosenfeld’s most striking feature were his pale blue eyes – a detail which surprised even his parents as a hatchling. Also accompanying him wherever he went was a large crow named Schnabelein, who normally perched upon von Rosenfeld’s shoulder.

Von Rosenfeld in his Surgeon General uniform.


Von Rosenfeld was a well-spoken, serious-minded individual. Unlike many dragonborn he did not talk with the same rough inflection; a thick Pelenestran accent inundated his erudite speech when he used the Common tongue. Von Rosenfeld was a logical thinker, and rarely was overcome with emotion of any sort. Owing to his red lineage his most exhibited emotion was anger, most often directed at Gendrick. He was a reclusive man, loathe to show his true face (or indeed to reveal his race) to strangers under the assumption that his appearance would be met with fear, hatred or disgust.

A man of humble, and some might say primitive origins, von Rosenfeld cared little for material wealth. His medicinal work was his main driving force in life, spurred onwards by his draconic mindset and the teachings of the Triun. He loathed what he saw as unjust authority, such as those that would oppress the common man. However, what the doctor prized above all else was his wife Ayassa, whose death haunted him to his dying day.
As a physician he had learned early in life that emotion sometimes must be set aside to do what must be done. He held no regret for those he killed, the friends he betrayed, or the plans he set in motion. All that was important to von Rosenfeld were his own ends – something he would gladly sacrifice anything to achieve.
On occasion von Rosenfeld seemed to display a lack of foresight, almost succumbing to wounds sustained by a Shambling Mound and Rendtide, as well as disturbing a hitherto neutral Giant Crab through sheer curiosity. His pursuit of medicinal knowledge also led him astray several times, including when, on multiple occasions, he was observed consuming Nihmworms.

Early Life

With the given Draconic name of Slazarix, von Rosenfeld was born on 30 Nauré bNe. 431 in the Dragonborn Enclave of Pelenestre. The positions of his parents within the clan are unknown: his father was of bronze heritage; his mother claiming that of the red dragons. At a young age von Rosenfeld became an apprentice to the village healer. Once his skills had matured through his training he was requested as a physician in another village, where von Rosenfeld met his future wife Ayassa. Several years later, he convinced Ayassa to elope with him to frontiers new, eventually settling in the town of Rosenfeld. From humble beginnings in the city von Rosenfeld, with the help of charitable Triunic clergymen, eventually learned Common and Pelenestran. Upon learning of the plagues that ravage Pelenestre, von Rosenfeld began to pursue medicine in a more professional capacity.

Throughout his life, von Rosenfeld demonstrated a deep interest in nature, often venturing out alone to explore the forests and valleys of the Dragonborn Enclave. He had a keen knowledge of the local flora and fauna, honed further through his courtship of Ayassa. This comprehension of plants and animals proved a boon in his later pursuits as a doctor and poisoner.

The Order of the Driven Nail

Within a few years of settling in Rosenfeld, von Rosenfeld established a name for himself amongst the Triunic Church as a prominent physician; particularly well-versed in the treatment of plagues. An outspoken believer in unity and the cohesion of the community in every sense, von Rosenfeld spent much time deliberating the problem of the diseases so prominent within Pelenestran life. Having sway in the Triunic Church proved to be useful as he laid the foundations for the establishment of the Order of the Driven Nail in bNe. 449. With resources granted to him for use in his philanthropic work, von Rosenfeld appointed four Surgeon Generals, one to each main Pelenestran city. He co-operated with these fellow physicians in creating a set of protective garments designed to protect the healers against the plagues. The most notable aspect of these suits was their signature masks, stylised after the titles of their respective Surgeon Generals – an item that, later in life, von Rosenfeld was rarely seen without upon his face. Later that same year the Surgeon Generals drafted and released the Edict of Engelsbach, decreeing that no person was below medical treatment of any sort.

Death of Ayassa

Von Rosenfeld’s organisation saw, and continues to see, success for many years after its establishment. He was loathe to act as a bureaucrat, often overseeing the operations of the von Rosenfeld branch of the Order personally. This proved detrimental, on the fateful day in bNe. 455 that the legendary Black Plague slithered its way into Rosenfeld. Von Rosenfeld rushed to protect his beloved, but by the time he arrived it was too late. Ayassa had succumbed to the Black Plague. She was buried the day after his arrival, interred in a marble mausoleum, but for von Rosenfeld this provided no closure. Soon after, presumably overcome with grief, he disappeared. Curiously, the rest of the Surgeon Generals disappeared shortly after.

Re-Emergence and the Solemn Vigil

Nothing was known of von Rosenfeld’s fate – indeed, nothing is known of any of the fates of the Surgeon Generals within Pelenestre. Unconfirmed reports suggest that von Rosenfeld was spotted in Barradin in the company of a Halfling, a Half-Elf and a tall human leaving a tavern one winter evening in bNe. 456. Futher rumours suggest that von Rosenfeld visited the Solemn Vigil, resting place of Barradini King Morgan Ladimore, but this remains uncertain.
Widespread yet sparse mentions of a tall doctor in a billed mask inundated Verunde for the next five years. The next confirmed sighting of von Rosenfeld was in bNe. 461 when he was found in the company of an eccentric dwarf; forming one half of the party which would later meet aboard Muradin’s Dagger.

Kreyr "Slazarix" von Rosenfeld

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