Histoxigrolth Goraknid

The Graveborn, son of Waeya. An unrelenting force of feels. Good flesh.



13/15 (+2) 11 (+0) 13 (+1) 14 (+2) 20 (+5) 17 (+3)

Class and Level: 9th Level Cleric
Cleric Domain: Grave Domain (Maegryn)

Race: Tiefling
Subrace: Thurmagaunt Lineaged

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Background: Acolyte

Hit Points: 61
Armour Class: 20
Spell DC: 17
Speed: 30 ft.

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Weapons
Armour Proficiencies: Shields; Heavy Armour; Medium Armour; Light Armour
Skill Proficiencies: History +6; Insight +9; Persuasion +7; Religion +6; Arcana +6
Tool Proficiencies: Cooking Utensils
Languages:Common; Infernal; Dwarvish; Draconic; Old Traithian

Slave of the Clergy:
• You gain proficiency with cook’s utensils. If you are already proficient with them, you add double your proficiency bonus to checks you make with them. As an action, you can inspect a drink or plate of food within 5 feet of you and determine whether it is poisoned, provided that you can see and smell it. During a long rest, you can prepare and serve a meal that helps you and your allies recover from the rigours of adventuring, provided you have suitable food, cook’s utensils, and other supplies on hand. The meal serves up to six people, and each person who eats it regains two additional Hit Dice at the end of the long rest. In addition, those who partake of the meal have advantage on Constitution saving throws against disease for the next 24 hours.

Strength of the Ram
• If you move at least 20ft in a straight line and hit a target with a melee attack, you deal an additional 2d4 bludgeoning damage, the target must succeed on a strength saving throw equal to 8 + Proficiency + Your strength modifier (DC 14) or be knocked Prone.

Magic Initiate
• Hist’s vision in Irae’s lair granted him more than just a glimpse of the inconvenient truth. But also an awakening of sorts. Hist gains the following cantrips;
Green-Flame Blade, Chill Touch.
and the following first level spell;

Weapons: Light Crossbow; Clarity’s Edge, Avarite, Heldenhelve
Armour: Graveplate armour; Grave Shield
Magic Items: Bands of Kornargos; Clarity’s Edge, Avarite, Wings of Flying, Crown of Vanhel, Heldenhelve

List of Spells, Hist


“When all other lights fade, doubt blooms. Yet in doubt we are tested and made stronger, for the light shines brightest in the dark”
Faith and Failings. You’ve read it well child. But what does this passage mean to you?”
Master says I bear no light within my soul, but… If I’m the darkness, through which brighter lights may shine, I can be a force for good”Delores Kilauds to a younger Hist after vespers.

Hist was born 22nd of Caemorn, bNe. 441.

Born in Marrowden, Brinosfen, The Traith. Hist Goraknid, named Histoxigrolth by his master Veniternitas Xivix, is the uncouth result of a demon invasion of the Traith and the desecration and rape of his mother, Waeya Goran.



Histoxigrolth (Graveborn) Goraknid. Standing at 6.2" not including the reach of his horns that snake and run from his brow to the back of his head and beyond. Is a crimson skinned Tiefling with polished green eyes that shine and glow in emerald light. Notably viscous features and fangs, coal black hair, tied into a ponytail, clawed fingers, digigrade hooves, spines that extended up from his elbow and forearm and a notably expressive tail. Without many expressions that eyebrows can portray, Hist’s face defaults to one of begrudging disdain, or perhaps some manner of ill intention. He is rarely seen to express happiness beyond a sinister, sadistic smile that cuts across his cheeks. Hist’s body (especially his back) is coated with scars, some notably religious in nature, other marks of scarification are those of religious texts, symbols, lashes and lacerations and one notable mark of shame that resides on his cheek, which he has used (Regardless of it’s implication) as his personal seal and signature because of it’s unique shape and design.

As for his general attitude, Hist’s first expectation of people is to be hated, distrusted, disgusted or, in some cases, insulted. He treats many with the same causticity. This has turned him somewhat bitter. Hist is cautious of individuals who are known to have ulterior motives and is completely distrusting of those of his own race, as he has been conditioned to believe them, and himself, incapable of being purely good, or to ever amount to any substantial good.
Hist shows a deep seated respect for those who carry office or some level of authority, but he respects authority of a religious nature above all others, whether it is out of fear or admiration or both is for those who see to decide.


Stern in attitude at face value, conditioned by his order for the majority of his life and sadistic in his resolve to overcome obstacles, Hist revels in causing pain in battle. An open book character, that values honesty and loyalty over material worth. Regarding good and evil as tangible things to defend and uphold while being himself an embodiment of the worst examples. He views himself as a necessary evil, for the greater good.
However, at heart, Hist is a character whose focus lies in a search for purpose, a meaning to his life beyond servitude in chains. Though Hist may have a sadistic nature, there is also a warming curiosity about history, poetry, nature and culture that Hist has shown to have almost child like wonderment and amazement over. His outlook, though clouded and reclusive has aspects of a naivety that sheltered him for the most part, from things that the world had already found comfort in, but the Traith had otherwise expelled.

Hist’s hellish inheritance, other than his appearance, shows in the form of various magical effects. Hist’s emotional temperament and at times caustic rage has the capacity to enhance his abilities in chaotic and often random manners, as well as reach the more dormant lengths of his inherent abilities or spells that he has learned. Hist’s often explosive attitude can become quite literally explosive, as his various capabilities develop.



The curious birth of this premature child baffled the midwives of the sisterhood at Marrowden Abbey. The boy was born with features that he carried into later life, including horns that were told to be responsible for his mother’s death. A stillborn, Hist and his mother were buried beneath the Abbey confines, as mother and child together. But by the midday hours of the next day, the tomb was disturbed by an infant’s cries.

To the horror of the order Sord Veniternitas, their Chapter Master, Veniternitas Xivix and Sister Superior Kilauds, they were faced with the responsibility of the child’s fate. Though it is not entirely clear how Hist’s fate was saved from slaughter in his crib, it is known that Hist could not be taken in as an orphan, to be trained amongst others in the order. Instead Hist was raised as Xivix’s personal squire and slave. Hist was mothered by Delores Kilauds for five years of his life, and mastered by Xivix for sixteen years after.

Apostasy and Neophytism

Hist Goraknid was chosen, by the Lord of War, Hexor. In a fit of rage, Hist left the chaplaincy at Marrowden to clear his mind, disobeying the orders of his master to do so, in doing so, Hist became lost in the night, wandering west, into Megarat, where Hexor found him and named him his servant, as a Cleric of War. Hexor’s reasoning for choosing Hist as his servant was deliberate and with purpose. Hist’s bloodline, after all, was responsible for the destruction of Hexor’s Holy capital city and the bastard son of his enemy. Hexor saw a strategic opportunity to use Hist as his agent, to undo his own demonic heritage. As such Hist exceeded his master’s expectations upon return with faith, though he never truly revealed what god had chosen him, as the order was Peloric, and he was then a Hexorite.
Delores Kilauds, however, recognised immediately.

Hist’s faith in Hexor began to waver shortly after the roadside execution of Kreyr von Rosenfeld. When Hist began to fear for the lives of his friends, and expressed an interest in the Cleric’s of the Pale March, who served Maegryn. Hexor punished Hist, seemingly for the crimes of dissent, even though Hist showed complete faith in the god of war. Hexor, perhaps with the knowledge of Maegryn’s interest in Hist, acted to dissuade him. Hist’s faith began to break once he questioned the will of Hexor, and only showed signs of recovery when he blindly fought on his behalf and diverted from his pilgrimage.
During the break in at the tower of Minglestien, Hist, Aadra and Akira were met with a crone, whose power was made evident in her tone, the party were given a choice, to leave with the bag of holding, or with Hist’s holy symbol. Aadra spoke forth, saying, on behalf of them all, that the bag was preferred over Hist’s symbol. Hist, after spending weeks suffering for the renewal of his faith, was forced to let it slip, for the good of his friends and his life. But was not without a sliver of ire.

As they slept, on the road down from the mountain, Hist showed an interest in Akira’s feeling for vengeance, and pondered that it could be a divine influence. Knowing this, Hist willingly gave Akira his verdict seals and promised to help him find his faith, as a cleric. That night however, Hist found himself faced with the robed visage, of the god of Death. Maegryn revealed to Hist, that to Hexor, he was but a pawn, a slave under chains. But in truth, Hist and Hexor were just as mortal, and capable of death as each other, and that everything that dies, is equal, gods and men, beneath death. Thereby, he advised Hist to understand, that his path needed not to simply obey, but simply to understand the natural order of the world. Hist expressed his fear, and curiosity, and his desire to understand. With that, Maegryn made his edict known, and as Hist woke, Hist was no more a cleric of Hexor, but one of Maegryn.



Hist counts himself an ally and friend of Aadra , Akira and Drevic .
Formerly, Hist had had previous encounters with Drevic in the Mornstead Arc. Seen to show distrust in everyone from the first days of meeting them, Hist has learned to find utmost trust in those he deems his family after travelling in the party’s company through Mornstead, Cael’harn and Norgrumm.

  • Drevic
    To Hist, Drevic marks the absence of severity, and a reminder of all the many mistakes he made during Mornstead. Drevic was privy to many of Hist’s (arguably) worst moments of cruelty, over zealousness and outright naivety. Hist once regarded Drevic with respect and adherence, no longer. After Drevic’s decision to accept the lycanthrope curse, Hist reconsidered his trust in the Sergonian Bard.
  • Aadra
    From their uncomfortable beginnings, Hist had difficulty trusting anyone. But as it became clearer of his skill and usefulness, and the bond that was made between them, Hist has showed more and more trust in Aadra, and in his ability to be a force of great good. Hist recognised Aadra to be something he could not be; Strong, confident, resolved, responsive and above else, human (ironically). Aadra has shown him empathy, trust, care and reinforcement, and over their time together has consoled him on a number of his troubles expecting very little in return, other than Hist’s supposed company.
    It is unclear if this behaviour he exhibits towards Hist implies anything deeper or just mindless teasing, but despite this their relationship has remained strong even through betrayal, loss of faith and Hist’s outrage and stubbornness. The pair growing closer by the day.
  • Akira
    Akira is Hist’s most trusted friend, and a most trusted ally, whose skill and quirky nature eased Hist into the acceptance of Orrus from the beginning, and has proved to be caring, kind and very much alike to Hist in terms of his racial prejudice and sense of loss. Hist has also found his multiple outbursts of ridiculous magical power both entertaining as they are heroic. Hist believes that Akira would make a good Traithian, had he been born raised there. And that is no insult.
    Akira, in Hist’s eyes, is too open, too trusting. However, Hist knows that that trust was what led to Hist and Akira to be friends in the first place. Hist believes that Akira has a destiny, which is a rare and wonderful commodity. One that he must ensure is seen through to the end.
  • Gendrick
    Hist counts Gendrick Groundcleaver as a fellow Dawi, and fellow warrior in his own right, though Gendrick’s attitude and general lack of hygiene has perhaps distanced him from Hist, Hist remains somewhat fond of him.
  • Kreyr
    Hist has been shaken by (what, in his eyes is) the betrayal that Kreyr von Rosenfeld wrought. Though he trusted Kreyr to the point of wariness, Hist had hoped that the Plague Doctor and he could find resolution, and perhaps find some semblance of friend in him. But his subterfuge and eventual death saw fit to strip Hist of that hope.
  • Squiggs
    Hist has found some clarity in Squiggs, being someone with an agenda, to be sure, but at least a motive to do the right thing, and with a sort of loyalty and patriotism Hist can most certainly respect. Her academic perspective and her insight from an arcanely source is most interesting as are her abilities and spells. Hist sees Squiggs as someone he can bounce ideas from, and has something mutual to offer as much to gain from being around her.


  • Rhogmor Ramshield
    Hist had held high hopes for the Warlord of the Norgrumm Dwarves, as a teacher who held no strife against him and as a friend whom he could relate to in his faith. Hist admired what he had built, but ultimately fell plagued by his broken faith, and was disappointed by his lack of zeal and resolve towards the end. When Rhogmor died, Hist was reminded of the finality of a War Cleric’s destiny. To die in battle. And from his death, the seeds of Hist’s Pilgrimage was planted.
  • Eldred Roren
    With Elves, Hist had only experienced snobby sobriety, or drunken egotism, neither he found in Eldred. And though this notion threw Hist off at first, he came to accept the stout business approach that Eldred regarded with common stature. Hist never truly understood the inner workings of Cael’Harn, and frankly, after knowing Eldred for the time he knew him, he didn’t want to. Hist did however, appreciate the simplicity of his employment.
  • Nemeia Amblecrown
    Hist never trusted other Tieflings that he met, and he never trusted those who worked with secrets. He held Nemeia at a sword’s length for the most part, cautious of her attitude and her outlook as well as her motivations for alchemy and as he later discovered, poisons.
    Since Nemeia took a sample of Hist’s blood, Hist has lost any and all semblance of trust in her, and has often worried for the consequences of that decision.
  • Crowley
    A drunkard man, but one with history behind him. And a resolve not entirely unlike Hist’s own. A necessary evil, for a greater good… He also gave him a flask of liquor… So there’s that as well. Hist has often been bewildered by Crowley.

Histoxigrolth Goraknid

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