Gendrick Groundcleaver

Dwarven Bombardier, Smells of fish and cheese. Businessman, responsible for the baby boom of 87'.



18 18 18 15 13 7

Class & Level: Demolitionist 6
Archetype: Font of the Combatant

Race: Dwarf
Subrace: Mountain

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Miner

Hit Points: ??
Armour Class: 15
Initiative: +4
Speed: 25ft
Difficulty Class: 13

Weapon Proficiencies: Daggers; darts; handaxes; javelins; light crossbows; morningstars; quarterstaffs; spears; hand axes; light hammers; warhammers; battleaxes
Armour Proficiencies: Light armour; medium armour
Skill Proficiencies: Insight; Investigation; Perception; Survival
Tool Proficiencies: Explosives Kit; Alchemist’s Kit; Mason’s Tools
Languages: Common; Dwarvish

Weapons: Maul of Horrors; Bombs; Battleaxe
Armour: Leather armour
Magic Items: Maul of Horrors; Boots of the Warren Wader


“Ooooh!” – A common utterance from Gendrick Groundcleaver

Gendrick Groundcleaver (bNe. 400) is a Demolitionist of unknown ethnic origin, and a previous party member.

Considered a strange person by most standards, Groundcleaver is a dwarf with an intimate, perhaps excessively so, relationship with blackpowder and its applications. Sometime before the assembly of the party aboard Muradin’s Dagger he employed the services of Kreyr von Rosenfeld as a personal physician and travelling companion. He was present for the Aboleth Arc, the Snake Cult Arc and the Rhogmor’s Assassination Arc.



Standing at 4’8 and weighing 326lbs, Groundcleaver is somewhat larger than the average stocky dwarf. A prominent feature of Groundcleaver’s is the erratic form of his beard, the ends driven backwards in the wake of countless explosions. His whole head is framed with similarly dark hair, pulled back into a ponytail, and bound with a yellow-and-orange zigzagged headband, adorned with a stick of dynamite at each temple. His green eyes, often glinting with mischief, sit under a pair of thick, black, curved eyebrows. Groundcleaver’s outfit is somewhat regular, his attire consisting of a belted, padded tunic, worn open over a plain woollen shirt, and flanked by matching pauldrons and vambraces. Another item of note are his enchanted boots, perpetually caked with mud, which allow him to burrow through the earth. He is often seen in the company of an artillery shell, affectionately named ‘Darling’, particularly when asleep.


Groundcleaver is a friendly and personable individual to whomever he meets, with little exception. Though very rarely, he is capable of exhibiting annoyance and even anger, especially when trying to concentrate. He is a man that enjoys the company of others in all things, particularly when eating. Antithesis to this, however, is the fact that Groundcleaver is a messy, and some ways a greedy diner, much to FelĂ©’s, Nurr’s, and by extension Eldred’s chagrin. Further issues with keeping Groundcleaver’s company is his habit of pocketing food for later consumption, most notably surströmming and pickled onions, as well as his sooty, hair-infused chuff. Groundcleaver’s personality is certainly too much for some to handle, even resulting in the normally composed Kreyr von Rosenfeld to become exasperated. He is known for his occasional recklessness, especially in battle; he has little qualms about throwing explosives in the vicinity of allies and even himself, though it is never with malicious intent. Though Groundcleaver is rather intelligent in many aspects such as possessing the knowledge required to use bombs safely, he is somewhat lacking in other regards, such as medicine.

Where Groundcleaver thrives the most is in situations that require his explosive touch. To that end, he is currently in the process of constructing a device with the ability to lob explosives over longer distances, commissioning a brass tube from Amsden Tullier to serve as the barrel for the weapon. Many of his personal relationships are tenuous, to say the least. He has made multiple contacts in Nihmport, namely Eldred Roren, with whom he shares an antagonistic yet light-hearted friendship, and Redford, a suspicious man from whom he buys the powder required to fuel his creations. Groundcleaver abhors anything goblinoid, such as orcs, goblins and ogres; such hatred has almost driven him to commit atrocities in its name, such as considering killing orcish children in Khol’khazat. Like many dwarves, the grudges he forms are not broken easily – in his case, the grudge against the residents of his former hold.



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Gendrick Groundcleaver

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