Dmidre "Drevic" Zmeyevic

A man deprived of his accordion. Do not mix with water.



12 17 16 14 16 20

Class & Level: Bard 7
Subclass: College of Lore

Race: Human (Variant)
Subrace: -

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Entertainer

Hit Points: 48
Armour Class: 16
Initiative: +4
Speed: 30ft
Difficulty Class: 16

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons; hand crossbows; longswords; rapiers; shortswords
Armour Proficiencies: Light armour
Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics; Deception; Insight; Intimidation; Perception; Performance; Persuasion; Sleight of Hand; Stealth
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit; tambourine; balalaika; accordion; violin; piano
Languages: Common; Draconic; Sergonian

Weapons: Sha’nin, Blade of the Vale; Dagger; Tambourine (spell focus); Castrano’s Malliardo (spell focus); Hook of Vinash
Armour: Glamoured Studded Leather
Magic Items: Sha’nin, Blade of the Vale; Glamoured Studded Leather; Hook of Vinash; Tarantulli’s Dancing Boots


“My name is Drevic, master of song and word-weaver of legend! It is only fitting that one such as I was invited on such an escapade!” – Drevic formally introducing himself to the party at the beginning of the Mournstead Arc

Dmidre Zmeyevic (bNe. 430), commonly referred to by the nickname Drevic and known to go by Anatoly Dvorak, is a Sergonian Bard and a current party member.

A presumed human orphan, Drevic came from humble, and occasionally questionable, beginnings. An old friend of Akira Von Hound and Histoxigrolth Goraknid, Drevic was present for the Mournstead Arc and rejoined the party at the beginning of the Pale March Arc.


Drevic is a rather average-looking man, standing at 5’10" and weighing 195lb. What instantly catches the eye is his striking red jacket, complete with matching feathered beret. Much like many of those in his homeland, Drevic’s attractive face is adorned with a rough beard and moustache, his long wavy locks matching the light brown colour of his facial hair. He has somewhat fairer skin than average; another telling aspect of his ethnic origin. His irises are pine green, though they are often shielded by a glaze of inebriation.


Almost never caught it in a state of melancholy, Drevic is a boisterous, gregarious individual that thrives on fun, mischief, and debauchery. Often seen at the head of a throng of onlookers, Drevic enjoys being the centre of attention and often gets his wish through the use of his music and his magic abilities. He is knowledgeable about many things to a fault, though he shuns most academic pursuits in favour of stories, songs, and plays.
True to form of most men like him, Drevic is quite a promiscuous individual. In large cities with plenty of people to seduce, he has developed the habit of ending the alcohol-fuelled night with a tumble in the hay.

Drevic is not a man that likes direct confrontation, though he is not hesitant to bring his weapons to bear should the need arise. He much prefers the dance of conversation over the dance of swords; a firm believer that any situation can be remedied with the pluck of a string, the flick of a tongue, or a ready flow of vodka.
One of the things Drevic prizes above all else is his own liberty; as such, he doesn’t take kindly to overbearing rules or threats of imprisonment, often flouting such regulations without a care. True to his Sergonian namesake, Drevic is fascinated with the long-lived erudite race of dragons, one of his life goals being to speak with one. A man of uncertain heritage, Drevic has a passing interest in his origins, though mention of such doesn’t arise often. He recognises that his best chance of learning more lies in finding his once-guardian Biriuk, however.
Drevic has a deep-seated fear of water, and will not wilfully (or knowingly) venture into open ocean or across unsteady bridges.


The circumstances of Drevic’s birth are, even to him, unknown. No-one claiming to be his parents has ever been publicly identified. He was discovered on the perpetually frozen shore of Lake Zmey in bNe. 430 by Sergonian-born human Bard Anatoly ‘Tovak’ Dvorak and Sergoni-Traithian Rogue Biriuk.
Tovak could not in good conscience simply leave the child to freeze and die so, despite Biriuk’s objections, he took the child under his wing, naming him Dmidre Zmeyevic after the circumstances of his birth. Drevic didn’t exhibit any signs of magical talent or ability as a child, though his heavy imprinting upon Tovak would mould Drevic in his surrogate father’s image. This would not be the first time Tovak took in an orphan, being the leader of a group of various runaways, thieves and ne’er-do-wells who roamed from town to town, subsisting by sometimes underhanded means. A particular favourite was cutting the purses of onlookers to Tovak’s performances. Biriuk schooled Drevic in many rudimentary skills; wielding weapons, remaining out of sight, and blending into crowds were among the repertoire from Biriuk. On the other hand, Tovak educated Drevic in the ways of the silver tongue; solving disputes with words, putting on a show, and sweet-talking the people were amongst Tovak’s schoolings. Drevic also learned how to play many instruments under Tovak’s tutelage: namely, the tambourine, the piano, the accordion, the violin, and the balalaika, in that order.
Care of Drevic was passed onto Tovak’s trusted associates one night a month, for reasons Drevic did not know. At 13 years of age he found out why; being the rebellious teenager he was, one month he spurned the words of his guardians and followed Tovak and Biriuk into the forest to find the former burying the latter up to his head in the dirt. That night he found out that Biriuk was battling razorback lycanthropy, a disease peculiar to the Traith from which Biriuk had contracted it many years ago. It was a rudimentary yet effective way of controlling Biriuk’s transformations which also contributed to the unravelling of a second mystery plaguing Drevic’s life. No matter how much Tovak performed, Biriuk schmoozed and Drevic stole, they were almost always broke due to Tovak’s spending of their profits on Biriuk’s expensive wolfsbane medicine from every available apothecary.
One moonlit night, they were without the wolfsbane required to suppress Biriuk’s lycanthropic strength; to this day, whether this was due to unavailability, lack of money, or otherwise is unknown to Drevic. Nonetheless, Biriuk escaped into a nearby village and began to slaughter the townspeople, prompting a torchlit and forked response from the assembled militia. Seeing no other option, Tovak harnessed his magical energies into a vicious illusion of the creature Biriuk had ephemerally become, allowing the latter to escape into the treeline and damning the former to execution. The next day Drevic found himself looking up into the blackening face of his dying father hanging from a noose. He ended his father’s suffering, pulling heavily on Tovak’s ankles and ending his life instantly. With almost all of his possessions sold to cover the cost of his execution and the proceedings, Drevic’s only inheritances from Tovak were his red coat and his tambourine. Drevic searched for several months for Biriuk, visiting old contacts but, with him nowhere to be seen, Drevic considered himself abandoned at age 17.
From this point forward, Drevic made a modest living as a travelling minstrel. About a decade or so passed until his mediocre fame caught the attention of one Grimmock Daergel, who sent him a letter entreating him to visit him at the Crimson Raven Inn on the road to Mournstead, in Braemar. Seeing an opportunity for fame, wealth and a good story, he answered the summons. What resulted was a week of hardship with his companions Akira von Hound and Histoxigrolth Goraknid; a tale of camaraderie, undead, and unravelled secrets culminating in the slaying of Lady Irie Abendroth and the destruction of her mansion in a violent conflagration, and the collapse of Mournstead to Irie’s sinister plot.
Drevic parted ways with the party after receiving payment from Grimmock in Ehanoris for three years. During this time, he won Tovak’s balalaika, Babushka, from an imp in a competition of musical talent, won the Boots of Tarantulli from the Tinierran Bard Diego el Perro, and acquired a pair of Gloves of Missile Snaring. Drevic reunited with the party in Caenmourn bNe. 462, meeting them in der Roten Hahn Inn after the execution of Kreyr von Rosenfeld by Akira von Hound a short time before.

Dmidre "Drevic" Zmeyevic

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