Aadra Dreisbach

2/8ths elf, Gay ninja, bit by a raven and granted magical powers. Still has a Bebo account, blatant whore.



10 20 13 11 12 14

Class & Level: 8th level Rogue
Archetype: Assassin

Race: Half-Elf
Subrace: High

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Background: Criminal

Hit Points: 50
Armour Class: 17
Initiative: +7 (with The Twins)
Speed: 30ft
Difficulty Class: -

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons; Hand crossbows; Longswords; Rapiers; Shortswords
Armour Proficiencies: Light armour
Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics; Slight of Hand; Stealth; Investigation; Perception; Deception; Persuasion; Insight
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit; Thieves tools; Poisoner’s kit; Piano;
Languages: Common; Baradinic; Elvish; Undercommon; Thieves’ cant

• When you hit a creature with a melee attack, you can move an extra 5 feet at no additional movmenet cost as part of the attack.
When you hit a creature with a melee attack you have not yet attacked on your turn, you deal an extra two points of damage.

Grace of the cat
• Moving with the ease and dexterity of a cat, Aadra can now leap 25ft from a running start of 5ft, high jump 15ft from a running start of 5ft, and does not take falling damage from falling 20ft or less.

Weapons: Moriglad; The Twins; SalaMaeg, Dart of deceit
Armour: Leather Ringmail
Magic Items: Moriglad; Cloak of the Raven Lord; SalaMaeg, Dart of deceit; The Slippers of Lachance


“‘At one point in my life I had to make the decision to let the world get to me or survive… I chose to survive.’” – Aadra to Histoxigrolth Goraknid on board the Merrow’s Trident while departing to Norgrumm.

Aadra Dreisbach (born 16 Quanlor .bNe 431) is a blade for hire originally hailing from Baradin, and currently a member of the party.

To others Aadra is a perfect example of failed discipline, ignorant of tradition and annoyingly accustomed to getting his own way. Making his first appearance in the bed of the witch they were hunting, Akira and Hist were quick (and somewhat reluctant) to introduce him into their ranks, but have remained close friends ever since.



Aadra stands at about 5’11 with an appearance human enough to be strong but elven enough to be of some delicate reform. Skin almost porcelain, with raven hair and gold eyes Aadra mostly inherited the features from his elven genealogy, although even Aadra himself is unsure of which exact group he descends from.
Paying attention to his appearance, Aadra is rarely seen without his hair done in its particular braided fashion, and a clean-shaven face. Aadra’s demeanour often discerns an affiliation with certain finery, though his clothing and general wealth betrays this.


Acting apathetic and aloof towards those he knows and those he doesn’t, only close friends will catch a glimpse of the personality Aadra usually keeps shrouded in indifference.
Despite his level headedness and seasoned outlook on the world, Aadra is not without bouts of immaturity; often playing pranks on Hist and more recently other members of the party, occasionally recruiting Akira in the process.

Aadra is slow to accept other people into his life, and prefers the company of Akira and Hist over others. Even after travelling with Gendrick and Kreyr for several weeks, he would often act coldly towards them, even going so far as to deny his interest in their friendship while in the underdark of Norgrumm, and openly questioning the integrity of the party in front of Eldred Roren.

Aadra has a natural affinity for smooth-talking, and can be quite the notorious flirt when he is aiming to get something. While Hist seems to be the main focus of such prodding, Aadra has since moved away from his apparent lifestyle of sleeping around; instead favouring reading and trying exotic new foods as a past time.



The circumstances surrounding Aadra’s past and who he really is are mostly unknown; any and all questioning being easily defeated by his passive attitude and flippant nature regarding the subject.

When questioned about his name by Hist, Aadra admitted he chooses not to carry his last names for personal reasons; refusing to honor or dishonor the people who gave them to him. During the ceremonial meeting of King Gilead Aadra announced himself as ‘Aadra Driesbach’, though whether or not this was his real name has yet to be revealed.
On occasion Aadra had been found to have a few more unusual and illicit skill sets such as lock picking and a fluency in Undercommon… Though Aadra never revealed himself why he would know such things.

During Kreyr’s incarceration after the murder of Rhogmor Ramshield, Kreyr openly mentioned Aadra used to be a hired killer in front of Duncan Crowley, having supposedly read it from the memories trapped within the sword Moradin’s dagger.
Aadra was fast to dismiss it as being merely an exaggeration of the truth in order to antagonise him, but jested that if Crowley was to hire him to kill Kreyr he would gladly acquiesce.



Aadra counts himself a friend and travelling companion to Akira and Hist, and allies himself with Drevic and Squiggs newly at this current time.

Aadra started travelling with his group after becoming a suspect, then bait, to eventual ally in a contract Akira and Hist were pursuing.
Aadra never truly made it clear why he spent all those years alone… But airs often his gratitude with being able to travel with Akira and Hist, and that they can accept him as a friend.
While he rarely shares anything about himself or his own struggles, Aadra has proven to be a rock whenever his friends have had difficulties, and is more than happy with providing an ear to listen, advice or consolation. More recently Aadra has shared in more intimate discussions and exchanges with Hist, and often shows him a wider range of emotion and regard than he does anyone else.

Unlike others before him, Aadra didn’t immediately act cold or untrusting towards Drevic, due to his seemingly close history with Akira and Hist.
Aadra struggled keeping his friends united after Drevic’s decision to become a werewolf shook the party. Previously, Aadra had worked to improve his standing with Drevic upon Akira’s request; even going as far to sing with him in Silbur’s camp, the evening before confronting the hags.
After Crowley advised that removing the Lycanthrophy was Aadra’s only option in securing that his friends would survive Drevic’s transformation, he had Hist forcefully cure him against his wishes and Akira’s. This caused further divide in the party, and resulted in Drevic’s continuation with the group to be left currently undecided.

Other NPCS

Over their time together as a party, Aadra has worked with many others on contracts or gained their aid while in trouble, but never attempted to become close with anyone other than Hist or Akira.
After the incident withTybalt and the cursed sword, the group continued their travels with Kreyr and Gendrick for a time before they inevitably parted ways after Kreyr’s betrayal.

Aadra seemingly saw Gendrick as a sort of entertainment, but Kreyr in a much darker light. Kreyr had even spoken of a time where that he and Aadra has worked together in their past, but all questioning regarding the matter was quickly dismissed by Aadra who acted unaware and uninterested in the revelation.

Whether their past or their experiences together was the cause of his mistrust, Aadra’s instincts turned out to be not misplaced after he found out Kreyr’s plans to blackmail the group. When Kreyr was found guilty of the death of Rhogmor Aadra was the first to support the claim, and while it was never really revealed what Kreyr had truly wrote on those letters, he saw to it that Kreyr could not speak of it again.

Aadra Dreisbach

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