Welcome to Orrus

bNe. 462. A crucial era in the history of Orrus, and the current date in the commoner’s calendar. Crucial, as now our world has founded an age of emergence and ingenuity. Foundations are laid for the beginnings of wonders that generations later, shall behold. Old magics and traditions rise forth in the hands of curious and inquisitive minds. And new powers become manifest in wonderful inventions and new strengths born from nascent, stronger souls than those who walked before.

This, is Orrus. The world of mortal kind. Where Dragons once flew, and Titans once roamed. Where men once strove to become gods, and gods, once, were men. Now it is home to warring nations, tenuous alliances and dangerous landscapes, races of all creeds and colours, religions, disciplines and faiths. Orrus, is home to us all.

The age of the Sundering, has passed into lore and legend. The wonders of the old world are slowly being uncovered, the secrets of forgotten times and lands are quickly being claimed, and the threats that linger here, and beyond, are biding their time, for something more.

“The question, as posed by time and reflection here, is not ‘Who will you become?’.
But rather, what will you do, and how far will you go, to become that?”
– Unknown Scholar

Ponytails and Rolling fails

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